Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm back on the posting track again :) I had to take a rest and relax a bit 'cause it's freakin' hot in Germany,
I think it's the hottest summer we ever had here! Up to 40°C, terrible heat! I wish it would be colder
not only 'cause I would sweat less but because of my new leather asos boots!
They are wonderful and I want to wear them now!
Here are some of my booties which I shopped in June, it has been quite a successful month for my wardrobe ;)

Leather Boots via ASOS

Purple Woven Sandel "Belinda" by Boss Orange

Summer dress with Swallows by ZARA

Straw Hat by H&M

Vintage Bowler Bag via Etsy :)

I love these Boss Orange Shoes! They're really cute and very comfortable,
you can pair them with nearly every shorts or dresses
and they have this summer feeling, haven't they?

P.S. And thanks to Uffies new album "Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans" the summer party season can start now! ;)

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